Our Tasting Room

Like Heading Upta Camp

This isn’t the typical industrial, concrete-and-steel space… we’re located in a for-real log cabin! And with a creek on one side and a forest in the back, it feels like being at camp whether you’re enjoying a drink inside or outside.

Get Cozy by the Fire

The cold winter months are a little less bitter when you can sit by the fire, in front of our two-story chimney (built from stones pulled out of the river by the New Glouster Water District)

Families Welcome

As parents, we know how nice it is to find a space that’s safe and fun for the kids. So we’ve setup a kid’s play room for the little ones and have a reading nook and foosball table for the bigger kids (and maybe some grown-ups too!)

Drink well and do good.

When we started Well & Good Brewing Co., we wanted to create an inviting space was cozy, full of character, and welcoming to everyone. But beyond that, we wanted to focus on doing something good, which is why we donate a portion of each sale to local nonprofits – and you get to choose where your contribution goes!

Each month we will feature two organizations (as voted on by our Halo & Crown Club members). When you buy a beer we’ll give you a token and you can choose which of the organizations you’d like your contribution to go towards.